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Sadguru Gnanananda Awards

MSDS initiated the SadguruGnanananda Awards in 2000 to felicitate women social change agents who were doing exemplary work in the areas of women empowerment, rural development, rehabilitation of the disabled and disadvantaged people, etc. Until 2011, 115 individuals comprising of 95 women, 9 families (a husband and wife team involved in social work), and 2 socially responsible corporate houses in India were the recipients of the SadguruGnanananda Awards. These award functions have been held 9 times in Chennai, four times in Hyderabad, thrice in Bangalore and twice in Mumbai.

The SadguruGnanananda award comprised of

  • A citation of elaborating the services and commending the work of the Awardees.
  • A cash award of Rs.75,000 (Rs.50,000 till 2008)
  • A Silver Plaque & A Shawl

From 2012, it was decided to end the awards program and host the fellowship programme.