• Supporting budding Social Entrepreneurs through
    Fellowship Programme

  • Social Entrepreneurship training at CSIM

  • Social Accounting & Audit training at SAN, India

  • National Fellowship Awards for Budding Social Entrepreneurs

  • Sadguru Gnanananda National Awards for women change agents

Who we are?

Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani, is a Sanskrit phrase that means - the Divine Mother who kindles the natural, inborn but hidden inclination in every human being to serve others.

Founded in 1999, by Late Mr. P N Devarajan, Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani (MSDS) is a Public Charitable Trust, with a mission to promote social consciousness in society and enable social citizenry.

MSDS enables an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship. All the activities of MSDS are targeted around social entrepreneurs. We encourage people who have a driving passion to change social patterns and those who committed towards facilitating social development in any small way.

Contributing to the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem - The MSDS way

Enable Social Entrepreneurs through CSIM learning Centres
Support young budding social entrepreneurs through Sadguru Gnanananda Fellowships
Connect Social Entrepreneurs through DOS, Annadhanam and CIOSA
Strengthen Social Entreprises through Social Audit and Impact studies
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Celebrate the work of Social Entrepreneurs through Publications

Our Programs

All Activities of Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani are targeted in building the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in India through our multi pronged approach.


Learning centres that offer trainings in Social Entrepreneurship

Social Audit Network, India

Social impact consulting and Training


Books / newspaper featuring Social Entrepreneurs

Dal Oil Sugar (DOS) & Annadhanam

Distributing DOS and Rice to 75 NGOs


Sadguru Gnanananda Fellowships

Fellowships for budding social entrepreneurs



Empowerment of women & children through education and nutrition



Network of 250+NGOs in Tamilnadu


Our Mission

To promote social consciousness in society thereby enabling social citizenry


Engage with MSDS to

  • Understand the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in India
  • Read about stories of unsung social change agents
  • Strategise impact driven projects that can be measured and evaluated
  • Become a social impact consultant
  • Enroll in a course in social entrepreneurship

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Sadguru Gnanananda National Awardees


Sadguru Gnanananda Fellows


Trained in Social Entrepreneurship


kgs of Dal, Oil and Sugar distributed every month

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