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The need to understand the impact a non-profit has on society is vital to its existence and growth. To make the NGOs adopt a procedure to realize their impact and influence on society was very difficult as there were no standard tools or framework available. This further led to CSIM partnering with Social Audit Network (SAN), UK to promote the concept of Social Accounting and Audit (SAA) in India. While SAN, UK has been involved with SAA in UK and in several other countries since early 1990s, it started working with CSIM since March 2008. Currently, CSIM is working in partnership with SAN as its knowledge partner in India and has established Social Audit Network, India.

SAN India has 4 broad areas of work
  1. Training – offer Master classes in Social accounting
  2. Action Learning – enable social enterprises to prepare their social accounts and organise the social audit.
  3. Consultancy - to offer elements of the Social Accounting and Audit process such as framework building, report writing, or specialized consultations to customized to organizations needs.
  4. Advocacy - advocating at policy level for amalgamating Social Accounting and Audit with the Social Audit process of the GOI.
Till date over 25 social enterprises across India have written their social accounts and had it audited by accredited social auditors from SAN, UK.

For more information please visit san-india.org.

Click here to read the MSDS Social Audit Report 2008-2010.

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